Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shopping Day!

I received a $50 East West Bank Visa gift card from my company during Thanksgiving last year. I thought long and hard, trying to decide how I wanted to spend the gift card. I finally decided to spend it on scrapbook materials at Joann.

I picked up 2 stacks of DCWV paperstack - the Black Currant Stack and the Rustic Stack. I saw the Black Currant Stack while doing online shopping awhile ago and wanted to buy it. I love the pink and the black color! I decided to hold it off because I had too many papers sitting around at home (actually, I still have a lot of papers, and seem to have a lifetime supply of it, but it doesn't hurt to buy more)!

I also purchased 2 packs of page protectors. I am currently working on my cruise vacation travel album. I plan to split my vacation album into two albums - one for the 11-nights cruise, and one for the post cruise. With the initial page protectors provided with the albums, I know I will need more. I decided to pick them up today, so I don't have to worry about running to the store to buy more refills when I start putting my layouts in the album. Right now, all the pages that I put together are sitting in a pocket protector.

I decided to buy a Fiskars border punch. I have a set of 7 gypsies border punches kit at home. I love the border punches! It is easy to use and it gives a instant lift to the layout. The border punch kit is wonderful, but sometimes, I like to punch pattern more than just a line of squares or circles and want other designs.

On this shopping trip, I also picked up some new ribbons (I never have enough of them!), a pen for journaling, and a stack of white cards and envelopes. Besides scrapbooking, I have also been making cards. I usually make birthday cards for my co-workers. The cards are not the best, but I hope to do better as I create more in the future.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! :)

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