Monday, April 11, 2011


I gave some thought on how to blog about my first album. I decided that I would blog according to the date I completed each layout.

I started this layout when Tommy left on a 3 day Mexico cruise with his friend's bachelor's party. Since I had free time to myself, I decided that it was the best time for me to start working my first album.

In this album, I really wanted to document as much as possible on everything we did. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Tahiti! I definitely needed to make sure I could preserve all my memories so when I am 90 years old, I could relive my vacation through my scrapbook!

I decided to do a double layout for the departure of LAX (LA International airport) to the arrival at PPT (Tahiti International Airport).

I kept the layout quite simple. I used 2 different shades of blue, that resembled the color of chairs on the Air Tahiti Nui's plane. I cut out all letters with the silhouette cutter. The difficult part of putting the letters on the layout was trying to center them!

We took alot of food pictures in Tahiti, even airline foods! Since I never get to enjoy my food on the plane, it was kind of nice to remember what kind of food they were offering. It was a red-eye flight to Tahiti, I also made a small note on the layout to indicate what time we flew out from LAX. I could only remember falling asleep while the plane was in line to take off the runway. It felt as if I slept for over an hour!

When we got to Tahiti, it was 4AM! I definately had to document that because when we got off the plane, there were 3 guys playing Tahitian music and airport staffs passing out tiare flowers at the crack of dawn to welcome us right when we entered the airport to go through customs & immgrations! That was pretty cool.

I didn't do much to this page. I kept the page really simple for my first layout as I was still trying to figure things out.

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