Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Air Moorea

Our travel itinerary did not include being in Tahiti. Once we cleared customs, we walked to other side of the airport to fly out to Moorea! Moorea was only 10 minutes away by plane! It was my first time to be flying in a 2-propellers plane. The view was amazing because the plane was flying a bit low, we could see the corals underneath the crystal clear water.

I decided to use grey color as background with orange accents. I chose that because I used the color based from one of the pictures taken and used for the layout. What caught my attention was the design of the Air Moorea. The plane was painted with orange hibiscus flowers. I purchased the hibiscus flower from silhouette and cut the design with orange cardstock paper to match the design on the plane. It was my first time to cut shapes other than fonts from the cutter. I picked out the grey background because the picture was a bit gloomy that morning.

I kept this page simple. I cascaded the pictures and wrote a small journal.

What I love about this page is the simplicity of the layout. I like the journal tag I created. The ribbon matched perfectly with the rest of the layout. There are some colors that I am not a big fan of, and I tend to keep the color to blue, green, white and black as they are more of the basic color for me to work with. The color orange considers to be quite daring, but I somehow pulled it off, and very happy with the result.

If I were to redo this page, only thing I would do is use a corner punch to round the corners of each picture. All three pictures were not cut into same size. I would make them all in equal length and width.

That's it for now. Follow me next time to see where Tommy and I headed to on our first day in Moorea!

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