Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shopping @ Daiso in Richmond

The joy of shopping, although I have to pay 12% tax, it is totally worth it! Tommy's brother's girlfriend lives in Vancouver. She took some time to hang out with us and took us to Richmond to do some shopping. Who knew that I would find crafts at Daiso!

Daiso is like almost like a dollar store. Each item purchased above cost CAD $2. It was a guilt-free shopping experience for me! I bought some lace borders/ribbons. I decided to pick the beige/ white color ones as I plan to use glimmer mist to add color to them for my projects. The Japanese buttons were just too cute to pass up on! I am sure I will make use of them, eventually!

One thing I learned about this shopping trip is that I don't have to go to a craft store to find the materials to create my projects. We can create just about anything with any materials and let our creativity flow.

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