Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beautiful Sunset

What I missed the most in Moorea was the time where Tommy and I could hang out and watch the sunset. I love watching the beautiful sunset by the lookout. It had an unobstructed view.

I decided to use a orange cardstock as background. Do you recall my Le Matiehani page? I used the same glitter pattern paper for this project. I bought extra at the scrapbook store in case I mess up, I still have an extra cardstock for me to work on. I managed to not make a mistake on my other layout. I was able to save the extra cardstock for another project. This layout was totally calling for it.

Instead of wasting such beautiful paper, I cut out four strips of 1x12. I used runner tape and adhered to each side of the orange cardstock.

I used my digital cutter to cut out 4 photo corners. Instead of using all 4 for one picture, I decided to use 2 corners for each of the picture for the project. I looked through my quote stack to see if there was anything I could use. I found "What a view..." in the stack. It was perfect! The color matched with the project coincidentally. I created a frame for the vellum quote as the vellum was orange. If I were to stick it over the orange cardstock, the quote would not stand out.

I also found a matching flower in my flower collection and decided to use it. It seem to go well together.

I also used my digital cutter to cut out the font. I used the Xyron X to create the sticker for the letters so I could easily adhere the letters onto the page. For the 4 photo corners, I also ran them into the Xyron X, 2 times. The first time I ran them through, I added fine white glitters on them. After dusting all the excess, I ran it through to get the other side sticky to adhere to the cardstock.

I like this page alot. It looks very simple, but pretty at the same time. I loved how I made use of the glitters on the photo corners. It gave a little bit of a sparkle, like how the water sparkled when the sun is hitting the water.

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