Monday, June 20, 2011


I love the pool at the resort. If the sky is the limit, and money is not an issue, I totally love to have a similar version in my own backyard! For now, I will continue to dream about my dream house and pool.

With the underwater case, we were able to take some cool videos and pictures in the water. I used some underwater pictures for some of my scrapbook pages. Stay tune for my blog! I am also writing in my travel blog, about my travel experiences, things that caught my eyes on the trip.

For this single layout, I used a light blue cardstock as my background. I used a blue ink chalk to chalk all four sides of the cardstock. I picked 2 pattern papers to compliment the colors for my layout. I kept it simple. I also used ink chalk to chalk all sides of each strip.

I overlapped part of the 2 strips of pattern papers. I resized and arranged all the pictures. I added 2 flowers and secured with a brad.

I used my digital cutter and cut out a corner flourish and the letters. I adhered the corner flourish with the runner tape. I used the Xyron X to create the sticker for the letters.

I used a white pen and wrote out the different types of activities we did by the pool side. Instead of writing a journal, I decided to use short phrases, single word adjectives and verbs instead. I had no other place to write them, other than along the side of the flourish. From far away, it looked like I was adding an additional color to the flourish design. When you look closely, it was actually words.

I enjoyed working this page. It was something different. It was my first time writing a different style of journaling. It was a bit of a challenge for me because I like to write alot of details. With such little space, I had to be straight to the point. I usually write very small, I was able to squeeze everything I wanted to write in there.

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