Monday, March 14, 2011

What Will Happen to Pookie?

I decided to create a mini album within the layout. It was my first time putting something like this together. It was much more difficult than I thought because I didn't know how much space I needed to put the brads on the side to flip like a book. I didn't know how to align the brads. Look closely, and you can see that first 3 brads are spaced out closer than the 4th brad. It was a big challenge on its own. Nonetheless, it was a fun layout to do.

I decided to use foam letters to put the title together. I was tired from cutting letters with my own hand. I decided to use chalk and stencil to color in the paw. On top of each paw, I used a white pen to write out "Pookie."

From time to time, Tommy would pass out on my coach while watching TV. I normally get bored from watching TV by myself (maybe that's why I stopped watching TV nowadays) and his snoring sometimes overpower the volume of my TV, I would find ways to wake him up. I love to pick on my dog once in a while while he was sleeping. I decided to pick him up and dropped him on top of Tommy to see what those two would do. The result? Well, let's just say I was glad that I had my camera with me at that time to capture a really funny moment!

I did a mini album to chronograph the interaction of the two. I also wrote a small journal for each of the picture. I decided to use the same color of the album with the background to keep the page from looking too busy. The pictures were 4x6, I had to create the photo mats which I had never done before. It was difficult because I didn't know how big the mats needed to be. Aside from that, I had to leave extra space on the side to put the brads in. The last picture was taped down onto the layout.

I used a small single hole puncher to punch out the hole as the brad was quite tiny. The entire brad would go right through if I used a regular size hole puncher. I believed the hole was a bit small for the brad to pass through, so I punched another hole right next to the original one to make the hole bigger. Unfortunately, this was where I messed up. I didn't use a ruler to plan out where to punch a hole. By the time the paper were pierced, it was too late to fix the mistake. Always use a ruler to measure everything!

If I were to do a similar page in the future, I would need to align the brads evenly with a ruler. I will have to make sure that I don't poke the brads through the background page as well. I would need to score the edges to keep the edges nice and sharp to have the clean folded edges like the birthday cards bought from the store.

Until next time... Have fun scrapping! :)

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