Thursday, March 3, 2011

Summer Nite

After my "A Day at Huntington Library" layout, I was so excited of how it turned out, I decided to dig through printed pictures at home to work on my next layout. I found pictures back from 2005. Tommy and I were invited by a friend to hang out at Lacy Park in San Marino for the Fourth of July celebration. It was a nice evening to hang out under the star with great friends.

To keep with the Fourth of July theme, I decided to stick with red, white and blue color. All the letters were printed from the printer and hand out with a pair of scissor. I could not remember how many hours I worked on cutting the letters, but I remembered the pain on my lower back. It was painful.

The bigger the letters, the easier it was to cut. However, the smaller letters, "San Marino, CA" and "July 2005," it took a long time to cut! I didn't do a great job in cutting because there were white spaces which I was unable to cut.

The embellishments were from Jolee's Boutique. This was a very simple page design with minimal use of embellishments and color cardstocks. With this simple page design, I think it took me many hours to put together. It was partially due to cutting the letters, but I had a difficult time trying to incorporate all the paper together onto a layout.

If I were to redo this page, I would totally round the corners of the pictures.

Next time, my first double layout.

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