Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chilling on Water

My Pomeranian, Pookie, has a girly face and sometimes, I wondered what is on his doggie mind. He seems to know how to get you to give in to him. Well, at least his cute look gets my parents to give into him almost 99% of the time. My parents treat him like a baby. He is also not a very brave dog.

I took Pookie over to Tommy's house one summer afternoon. Tommy decided to test Pookie to see how brave he was. He put him on a board in the swimming pool to see what he would do. If he had short fur, we probably would try to test his swimming skill. Unfortunately, we didn't want to punish ourselves to comb his fur if his fur would had been tangled while in the water. I think he was nervous, yet probably enjoyed his way around the pool.

What I liked about this layout is the 3 small pictures on the left hand side. It was the different angle of Pookie while he was in the pool. I have yet to get a hang of using the edge scissors. If you look closely, you can see that the wave was not cut evenly!

I decided to print the title on the cardstock for this layout. I found a cute font and went with it. I added a few rhinestones on the title to make the page not so simple and boring.This was my first layout that I incorporated a journal to my scrapbook.

If I were to redo this page, I would want to layer a few pattern papers over the beige cardstock. I would use a corner round punch to round the corners of the pictures. Nonetheless, this layout still looked great.

Next time, another layout about Pookie. I took my layout to a whole new level.

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