Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa

We stayed at the Moorea Pearl & Resort while we were in Moorea. I knew how the hotel was going to look like prior to trip. I was curious and did my research on YouTube. When I got there, it looked so surreal to me. I still couldn't believe that we were actually in Tahiti! When we entered the hotel, we were being greeted with the friendly staffs, a glass of delicious pineapple juice and a tiare flower.

We spent 4 nights in Moorea in the Garden View Room. Our room was on the 2nd floor. When we stepped out of our balcony, we could see the view of the garden. It was quite peaceful. However, I recommend that you bring bug spray. Those little mosquitoes loved to eat! Just by walking through the path at night back to our room after dinner, I ended up getting a couple bug bites here and there! They were very itchy too! We had to go to a pharmacy to pick up anti-itch gel to soothe the itching! The anti-itch gel really helped. I think we even picked up tamanu oil while shopping at the juice factory (yes, the juice factory not only sold tourists fruit juices, they sold them souvenir).

I decided to do a double layout for this. There were a lot of pictures taken around the resort. I chose the best pictures from my camera that represented the resort to create this page. With that many pictures, I decided to pick white as the page background. I used my digital cutter to cut out the letters from my computer.

I kept the page quite simple. I kept our room key as a souvenir to use for my scrapbook. I decided to divide my pictures in 2 sections. The layout on the left, I chose to use pictures inside the hotel, compared to the layout on the right, I used pictures of the outdoor - the beach, the pool, etc.

I loved the hallway/lobby of the hotel. It was an open hallway with no front door. It gave a very "opened" feeling while hanging around the lobby.

I love the infinity pool! If you look closely at the layout, you can see the picture in the middle. Because the day was so beautiful, the infinity pool reflected the overwater bungalows in the water. It actually gave an illusion. Several friends of ours got tricked by the camera as well.

We did a panoramic view of the resort's backdrop. However, I didn't get the it printed in panoramic view because I wasn't able to find the place to do it. When I found it, it was totally out of my budget! I decided to print the 2 pictures separately and attached them together. It fitted well and happy with the result.

If I could do something different to this page, I would like to put a journal tag on the layout. I would like to write about my overall feelings and experiences of the hotel.

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