Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Magic Mountain

The locals called this place as "Magic Mountain." Our tour guide told us that it was private property. The road up to the top of the mountain was windy, and bumpy as the road wasn't paved! It was a one car road up and down the mountain. The driver had to be really careful of the opposite cars coming toward our direction. It was about a 15 minutes ride up to the mountain. It was worth the bumpiness! Tommy recorded on the camera the whole time of the journey up to the top. The view was gorgeous.

I decided to do a single layout for this page. I decided to use blue cardstock as the background and used a lighter blue color pattern paper to layer over the cardstock. I decided to use blue color for this layout because of the picture that was used for this page. I accented the page with white color. Blue and white colors can never go wrong in any layout! :)

I cut out the fonts from my digital cutter and used tape to tape down the letters onto the page.

I wrote a small journal on a white paper, then taped the white journal onto a lighter blue cardstock. I cut out a piece of ribbon long enough to cover the top of the tag and to make a bow. I randomly picked somewhere on the ribbon to create the bow. As you can see, the bow was more to the left side of the journal. That was because one side wasn't long enough if I were to put the ribbon down the middle.

I cut the corner flourish from my digital cutter. I used blue gems and randomly placed them on the flourish. I could probably could use a couple more gems to put on there.

I love this layout. I like the ribbon on the journal. I think having the bow on the side looked better than putting the bow in the middle.

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