Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Good Day...

A Good Day starts with a Good Breakfast! At the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa, our breakfast was complimentary. There's a good variety of food at the buffet every morning. However, they serve the same thing daily. What I loved the most there was the pineapple juice! That was the only juice I drank every morning. It was sweet and it was really yummy! I hope to see Moorea pineapple juice distributes here soon!

I decided to create a layout for our daily breakfast. I picked a dark brown cardstock as background and used tiki pattern cardstock to layer it over the brown cardstock. I kept the page simple. I used one picture and wrote a long journal.

I decided to give a catchy title. I remembered one of the waitresses told us that it is a good day when we start with a good breakfast. I decided to quote her statement and used it as a title for my layout.

I cut the fonts with my digital cutter with white cardstock. I used a brown ink chalk to chalk the letter to resemble the sands on the beach.

I also purchased corner edges from Silhouette. I used the Silhouette digital cutter to cut the 4 photo corners. Again, I chose to use ink chalk to chalk the edges of the photo corners. Afterwards, I used the runner tapes to tape the photo corners directly onto the four corners of the picture.

I decided to write a journal about my breakfast experience while we were in Moorea. I wrote about the food we had at breakfast, what I liked and what I didn't like (omelets!) I am not a big fan of omelets, but after this trip, I can not eat omelets. I can only have 2 bites of it, and I am done. I am not allergic to any of the ingredients in the omelets. I have no problem eating them separately. Once they are put together, I have a problem with the aroma of the omelets. My mind and body just shuts down.

As for the journal, I also used the ink chalk to chalk around all the edges. I accidentally inked a spot in the middle of the journal! To cover up the mistake, I decided to use the ink chalk creatively by lightly pressing the ink chalk randomly on the paper to hide the mistake. That became a different look and I thought it was kinda nice.

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