Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shop Hop Stop #21: Paper Paper

Glitter flourishes

Last weekend of Shop Hop, Tommy and I headed to San Diego. Since the last stop, I took a break from Sunday to Friday and resumed my adventure on Saturday. I was planning to visit my friend in San Diego since I hadn't seen her in a while. Tommy and I debated if we should do a weekend trip in San Diego or just do a day trip. When Friday came along, no hotel was booked! My friend from San Diego kept asking me what my plan was during the week, I couldn't answer her.

When Saturday came around, Tommy and I had our bags packed, but still no hotel was booked. We packed in case we decided to spend a night in San Diego. We left home around 9ish, our first stop was Paper Paper in Solana Beach. I was more interested in their themed destination - Bora Bora.

If you followed my blog, you know that I went to Tahiti with Tommy back in 2009 and couldn't stop thinking how beautiful Bora Bora is. (Keep checking back, I will be posting more of my scrapbook pages from Tahiti soon)

When I first stepped into the store, it was organized with a lot of goodies. They had invitations and stationary section in the front. Toward the center and back of the store, that's where all the scrapbooking goodies at! I really loved the glitter flourishes. I bought a bunch of them. I used them on my scrapbook pages. I wished I had gotten more! :D Though, I did not like the smell of the stickers at all. Whenever I open a bag, it had a stinky plastic chemical smell. :/

I got a free Make N' Take and purchased the complimentary page and got a bottle cap to add onto my collection. They had sample Make N' Take sitting next to the register. I took a picture of them so I could remember how it looked like and put it together by myself when I came home.

Overwater Bungalow! :)

Plenty of space to put picture on here!

Bottle cap with Overwater Bungalow

The store had a Photo Op as well. Come back soon to follow my next stop...

*Note: My blog is not sponsored by anyone. It is a shopping experience that I like to share to you and like to share the products I purchased.

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