Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shop Hop Stop #18: Once Upon A Page

A Pink Theme! :)

After visiting the stamping store, we then headed to Stop #18. The next destination on the navi directed us to Once Upon A Page in Burbank. They were located across from a market, which they were cooking up some BBQ that day. It smelled so good! No, we didn't go get any.

When we first walked into the store, it was neat and organized. The themed destination here was Beverly Hills. They had a Photo Op at the back of the store, decorated in black and pink. I really took my time to look around the store. It just happened that everything I picked up there was all pink!

I decided to buy the letter stickers. They really come in handy! They were foam and filled with glitters! It would give my project a nice dimension. I bought more embellishments. I just can't seem to get enough of them!

I got a free Make N' Take and bought the second Make N' Take pages. However, it turned out that they ran out of the Make N' Takes and they had a mailing list for the customers who wanted it, they would send it directly to us. That was pretty cool. The Make N' Takes were really cute. I also got the bottle cap as well. This bottle cap is pretty cool! This bottle cap has dimension! The book in the middle seems to have a metal material. It's almost like a pin.

Bottle cap I received

I was done shopping after this one. I was ready to go home and relax and spend the rest of our Saturday relaxing. Little did I know, Tommy had a different plan.... To be continued...

*Note: My blog is not sponsored by anyone. It is a shopping experience that I like to share to you and like to share the products I purchased.

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