Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shop Hop Stop #1: Scrap N Yap

Scrap N' Yap located in Monrovia

My home store is Scrap N' Yap. It would be totally wrong if I didn't kick off my fist Shop Hop experience with them! :)

As I wrote in my last post, the theme for this year's Shop Hop is "Destinations around the World." Scrap N' Yap's destination was Southern France!

I loved the decor they put up around the stores. I absolutely loved the lavender plants that were put on the top of the shelves. It was so France! :) Next time I go to France, I must visit the lavender field in Providence. (Yes, lavender is one of my favorite flowers)

Cute Photo Op Station

My goodies!

Since it was my first stop, I was quite conservative on my spending. I love anything that sparkled! I couldn't help but picked up more sparkles there! I also picked up 2 cat eye chalk inks and lace ribbon.

The sparklers were really adorable! I ended up returning to the store after the Shop Hop ended to buy more of them! They were big. I used them as the center for the flowers. It just made the flowers prettier!

With $10 purchase, I received a free 6x6 make and take. I really should take a close up picture of it! With $20 purchase, I would receive a free bottlecap. Since I didn't buy enough, I decided to buy a bottlecap to build my bottlecap necklace.

Sorry for the dark picture. I know it is a bit difficult to see! I should not have taken pictures with my phone, or take pictures with a hardwood floor as background.

Sorry for taking so long to post my blog. I had been extremely busy the last several months working on my Europe scrapbook. It is now completed and am planning to take a break from my usual travel scrapbook project. I should have some more time on my hand to keep up with my Scrap and Treasure blog, my Travel blog and a possibility of cardmaking. Well, on top of that, I am thinking of picking up a new language on my personal leisure time, of course. I have my hands full!

*Note: My blog is not sponsored by anyone. It is a shopping experience that I like to share to you and like to share the products I purchased.

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