Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shop Hop Stop #5: Perfect Day Scrapbooking

Banner outside of the shop

After our stop at Once Upon a Memory, Tommy and I decided to grab something to eat before continuing my shopping journey! While we were driving on Beach Blvd to see if there's anything we should eat, we drove by Monkey House Cafe. The name caught our eyes and Tommy decided to check the yelp review to see what others say. It had high reviews and Tommy and I decided to stop there for lunch. It surely was a delicious lunch! :)

After lunch, we drove to Perfect Day Scrapbooking. The store was relatively small compared to the other stores I had been. The depth was long, but the narrow. It was packed with alot of goodies in the store! I was getting overload looking around the store!

The themed destination was Las Vegas. The store was decorated with a lot Vegas theme. They had a blackjack table with a guy dealing hands to customers. They had a roulette game at the register to have a chance to win a gift. That was pretty cool!

I ended up getting some cute papers and embellishments from there. The Asian style theme cardstock papers were so cute and adorable! I just had to get it. Someday, I will visit Japan with Tommy. :)

My bag of goodies

I loved the glittery foam letters. I used quite a bit of it for my scrapbook projects after I bought them home. The butterflies crystal embellishments were really adorable! I decided to get them in clear gems. It would just be easier to put the embellishment on any types of project I do. (It's still in the drawer right now!)

Just like the other stores, I bought a bottle cap to add onto my collection. I got a free 6x6 Make N Take. I decided to not buy any of the add on pages. I was pretty surprised to see they had alot of add on pages for the Make N' Take. They even had a cover for it!

Back side of the cardstock papers

One of the few choices of bottle cap

Although the store was small, it was packed with alot of products! It was unbelievable. The prices were decent. The Vegas theme was really cool. I liked how they put the whole thing together. If I had another friend to Shop Hop with me, I am pretty sure we would had a lot of fun at this store.

*Note: My blog is not sponsored by anyone. It is a shopping experience that I like to share to you and like to share the products I purchased.

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