Friday, July 29, 2011

So Cal Shop Hop

My So Cal Shop Hop package- passport, chain necklace, bottle cap pendant, a pen, a small tube of lotion and a really cool package to hold everything in there!

I decided to participate in the So Cal Shop Hop this year. The theme for this year is: "Destinations Around the World." This event is from July 29 - August 14, 2011.

I purchased the So Cal Shop Hop pass about a month ago, and they were finally ready for pick up. On Saturday, I dropped by to Scrap n' Yap to pick up by Shop Hop pass! I was pretty excited when they handed me the little package! I think I acted like a 5 year old, opening her Christmas present! Of course, I was in the car, and no one saw my expression other than Tommy. My excitement must had shown because he kept asking me if the little girl of me was happy and excited. (Oh my dear boyfriend... OF COURSE I WAS!!)

This is my first time participating the shop hop, so I am not sure what to expect and not sure what I am doing. Well, I will learn and figure it out along the way!

Continue to follow my blog. I will be posting the goodies I purchase and my shop hop experience!

A closer look at the packaging. The theme destination at Scrap N' Yap is Southern France! It reminds me when Tommy and I were in Southern France (Villefranche- Monaco- Nice) last year on a Disney Cruise.

A closer look of what was inside the package. :)

Looking forward to do some shopping after work today, if I am not too tired. :)

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