Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shop Hop Stop #13: Hearts-N-Crafts


After a trip to Chino Hills, we headed to Covina to stop by to Hearts-N-Crafts for Stop#13. Good thing they closed late so we could route our way to come here. Hearts-N-Crafts is located at Old Town Covina. It felt like I was back in time when we were driving down the street. I was pretty surprised there's so many places I had never seen with a cute town charm. I am so used to seeing commericalized buildings that I often forget the small, old town charm. It's great to see different places and open my eyes and mind to explore.

When I first walked into the store, I found myself a bit lost. The store was pretty big. I took my time walking around the store to see what I liked. I decided to buy some buttons and stock up on the 3D foams. I love using the 3D foams as it adds dimension to my pages. :) I picked up both pages of the Make N' Take and purchased the bottle cap. There were several style of bottle cap design. With choices, I tend to stood there at the register and became indecisive! I just didn't know what I wanted. In the end, I chose one.

Themed destination: Washington D.C.

What I liked about this store was that it had a home feel. The ladies were friendly. The store was big and neatly organized.

After shopping, Tommy and I decided to stop by to Buffalo Wild Wings in West Covina to have dinner. We shared wings and sliders!

*Note: My blog is not sponsored by anyone. It is a shopping experience that I like to share to you and like to share the products I purchased.

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